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About us

Rooted in the past, projected into the future.

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Driven by traditional and family values, we have produced curtain fabrics with great passion for over 70 years, using the best natural and eco sustainable yarns.

We differentiate ourselves by the sophistication of our products and the great care we put into the artisanal finishing processesAs a result of the co-operation with the best international editors, we renew and expand our product range continuously.


We want to help improve and innovate the world of interior textile decoration together with our team, people with great creativity and broad technical background. Our textures are aimed at satisfying those who appreciate details and characteristics typical of the Italian textile tradition: beautiful and well made.

Always in an ethical and eco sustainable way.

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Our history

Our history starts in 1947, when Virginio Malvestiti, upon his return from the war, founded a small weaving mill together with some partners.

Soon he realized that, in order to satisfy his strong spirit of initiative and put to full use his resourcefulness, the only path to follow was the individual entrepreneurship.

This is how, in 1950, TESSITURA SIRIO came to be. In 1984 the company took its current name Sirio Tendaggi Srl continuing, over the years, to be guided by traditional and family values.

In 1992 son in law Mario Paganini took over management, leading, with his passion and strong entrepreneurial spirit, the company more and more towards the creation of distinctive and high quality collections, capable of satisfying both domestic and international markets.

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In 2009 Mr Paganini’s daughter Alessandra assumed the role of CEO again giving evidence of the importance of family and its values. Today she continues to lead the company with the dedication and spirit inherited from her father and grandfather.

Sirio Tendaggi is now positioned in the middle-high segment of the market, exporting over 70% of its production.

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Made in Italy

Sirio Tendaggi’s collectons are 100% Italian: we weave our fabrics in our own factory located in Magnago (MI) and entrust the ennobling processes to a small group of selected local partners.

For over 10 years we have been member of the “Consorzio  Promozione Tendaggi Italiano”, the Italian consortium of the leading companies in the field of curtain fabrics.

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