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Know How

Elegance woven with passion.



Raw materials

The raw materials we use in our productions are sourced exclusively from the best Italian and European suppliers.

Through our cooperation with the best local spinners, dyers and warpers, we are able to create from scratch precious, exclusive and innovative yarns that can satisfy the most precise qualitative and distinctive characteristics.

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Weaving Mill

All of our fabrics are woven in our factory in Magnago on state-of-the-art Itema and Dornier looms, both dobby, Jacquard and Leno with which we can guarantee quality and versatility.

In the past year, we added 2 jacquard looms to our machine park and also a leno single width loom for the weaving of unexpected and distinctive textures.

Quality Control

On all of our production batches we perform a 3 phase quality control: the first phase is the initial check on weft and warp yarns upon arrival in our warehouse and again on the loom, at the start of the weaving process. The second phase is the checking of the loomstate fabric, logging any imperfections or defects. Ultimately, the third phase is the final quality check of the fabric upon its return from finishing.

With the goal of maximising the efficiency of the production phase, we have implemented a production management system dedicated to quality control and to the logistics of the finishing processes.



Our sought-after fabrics also become special through the magic done by ennobling. For this we rely on the skilled and experienced hands of a very close circle or finishing suppliers, all located within a few km and with whom we enjoy long-standing cooperations.

From the joint venture between the experts in fabric finishing and our own research and design team originate surprising “look and feel” results that have always distinguished (and will continue to distinguish) our fabrics.

Research and development

The stylistic development of the collections is done by our own design department offering and suggesting exclusive articles of the highest level intended for those searching for quality and creativity. With our in-house CAD system and thanks to a department which mission it is to treat in detail every single project, we can define our articles “tailor-made”. They originate from the taste of our designers but are perfected when customized according to the requests and needs of our most sophisticated clientele.



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Oekotex Standard 100 

We are certified Oekotex Standard 100, the only standard in the textile branch for verification and certification of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in all phases of production making it possible to identify those products that pose no health risk to the consumer.

Sustainable development, ethics and environmental responsibility towards both the planet and the well-being of future generations are for us subjects of close attention and great interest.

Trevira CS

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We are part of the Trevira CS club with a Silver membership. The Trevira CS brand is synonym of fabrics made from fibres and yarns that are 100% flame retardant. Originally targeted only at the world of contract, hospitality and hotel, our goals also include making safe and functional fabrics, suitable for everyday life without ever compromising on style.

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